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I'm cleaning hardwood floors, old dried-in stains and odors. How does this work on laminated hardwood floors?
Yes, we use the same process to clean hardwood floorslaminated floors and even tile and grout!  To remove the stains and/or odors, you can use this simple solution:

1)  Lightly mist the stained areas with the UrineRelease Pre-Spray.
2)  Sprinkle the UrineOut Powder onto the areas, and work it in with your Applicator Brush. This should “bubble up” and absorb the urine in the areas.
3)  Sweep up the dry, urine laden Powder.  Repeat this process until the stain is gone.

Will baking soda work like the UrineOut Powder?
That’s a very good question. Baking Soda has an “absorption factor” rating in the 300-400 range, so it’s not very absorbent. In addition, Baking Soda is a very heavy particle and is very, very difficult to vacuum out of carpets, especially thick carpets.

On the other hand; The UrineOut Powder’s absorption factor is in the tens of thousands! So, it is HIGHLY absorbent. And, the UrineOut Powder particle is very, very light, so it easily vacuumed out of carpets. Thus, allowing you to completely remove ALL of the urine-laden Powder from the areas you’ve cleaned.

How does this work on mattresses? I'm sure the urine is deep within the mattress!
You will never “wash”, “blot”, or “spray” urine from a mattress. Do you understand that we use a DRY POWDER cleaning process to remove urine stains & odors from mattresses?

Don’t worry! Your solution is very simple. The biggest problem you’ve had is because when you add water or liquid type cleaners to a mattress pad, it only spreads out the urine. You will need to clean the mattress WITHOUT getting it wet.

Visit “Our Secrets Revealed” for Removing Urine in Mattresses and Bedding for more information.

Urine odors are in the plywood sub-floor. What can I do to get the odor out?
Don’t worry! Your solution is very simple. You simply need to disinfect the areas first, and then use KILZ to seal the urine into the sub-floor. For more information and complete instructions, visit “Our Secrets Revealed” for Cleaning Urine In Sub-Floors.
I have a leather couch, and from the day I brought it home, one of our cats decide to pee all over it. How do I clean it?
This is no easy “quick fix” solution. If you are willing to take some time and do things correctly, you can remove the stains and odors.

Don’t worry! Your solution is very simple. Visit “Our Secrets Revealed” for Removing Urine in Leather Upholstery for more information and complete cleaning instructions.

We have a new puppy we are housebreaking and an older cat that has an accident every once in awhile. Can we use this when the urine is still wet?
Yes, our UrineOut™ Powder Cleaning Process works GREAT for cleaning new/wet urine and is great for help when housebreaking.

Don’t worry! Your solution is very simple. Just visit “Our Secrets Revealed” for Removing New/Wet Urine for more information and complete cleaning instructions.

I have a cat who as been urinating on our sofa. Will this remove the stain and odor?
Just like using this to clean car upholstery, this will clean couch and sofa fabric as well. The steps for cleaning upholstery are much like those in cleaning carpet.

Don’t worry! Your solution is very simple. Visit “Our Secrets Revealed” for Removing Urine in Upholstery for more information and complete cleaning instructions.

We have used EVERYTHING to clean out stains and odors. We have so much STUFF in our carpet, that I don't know what to do at this point. Does your cleaning powder work when all these other products have been used?
Yes, Absolutely!! In fact, the UrineOut™ Powder will absorb and remove ALL of those other cleaning products that are still in your carpet. Just follow the same simple instructions, and it will absorb and clean out all of that other “stuff” you’ve used! (You’ll be amazed at how much of the stain that is caused by using all of those different products!)

Don’t worry! Your solution is very simple. Visit Our Secrets Revealed for Removing Old/Dry Urine for more information and complete cleaning instructions.

I have a three-year old cat who has been real bad for the past 6 months. My cat is urinating on a chair, a few plastic bags containing items, etc. What's left to do with this animal? Do you have any suggestions?
Wow, you’ve got a real problem with behavior. You will need to get some immediate ideas to change this behavior in these cats. Please reference our Cat Urination Help web pages. Here you will find some very simple and sure-fire tips on what is causing this behavior and what to do to correct it. In the meantime, you can use the UrineOut™ Powder for a maintenance to clean out the urine before it dries into the carpet. Please reference Our Secrets Revealed for Removing New/Wet Urine.

Don’t worry! Your solution is very simple. Visit Our Secrets Revealed for Removing Old/Dry Urine for more information and complete cleaning instructions.

One of my cats decided to spray on a pile of dirty clothes. How do I get the smell of urine out of my clothes?
Sorry about the problem you’re having, but don’t fret, your solution is simple!

For pet odors in clothing, we recommend the following:

Add 3 oz. of Smells No More™ Odor Eliminator to your wash in the final rinse to eliminate odors and keep clothes fresh as the outdoors.

Smells No More™ Odor Eliminator is the most effective odor eliminator you’ll ever use…it works! Smells No More™ Odor Eliminator is the first and only non-scented, stockyard strength deodorizing spray safe enough for everyday use. Not a mask, but an odor eliminator. It is nontoxic, nonstaining, and its uses are endless! It is a must for the home, office, travel and recreation. Smells No More™ Odor Eliminator is the new standard for safe and easy odor control.

How do I keep my dog's urine from "bleaching" my grass?
We recommend you supplement your dogs diet with LawnSaver™ Dog Urine Neutralizer. LawnSaver™ is an all natural food supplement that helps neutralize the ph of your dog’s urine so that it will no longer “burn” or “bleach” lawns.
My male dog is constantly lifting his leg and marking on our furniture, and on the corners of our door frames. How can I get him to stop marking?
Marking is a natural behavior, innate in a male dog. It is a major form of communication among all canines, wild and domestic. It is important that you know this and realize that all marking is not bad, and that your dog would think you’re very unreasonable if you tried to correct all marking. MARKING IS A BEHAVIOR WE MANAGE. And we can correct it when it occurs inappropriately indoors.

You need to RUN, don’t walk, to the PU Housetraining Wrappers™ web page. On this page at our web site, you will learn valuable information about how using our PU Housetraining Wrappers™, YOU can finally manage your dogs behavior. YOU can finally STOP your male dog from marking inappropriately.

We have kids that play in our basement, but we don't want our cat down there. How do I keep my cat out of the basement?
Did you read the information about the CatScram™ Ultrasonic Housetraining Aid? It’s an ultrasonic training device that will KEEP CATS AWAY from unwanted areas. And it works!

Now, thanks to CatScram™, training cats (even neighborhood cats!) to avoid flower beds, gardens, etc.. has become possible. CatScram™ makes any area off limits to cats, even when you are sound asleep or nobody is home. It utilizes a passive infrared motion detector to sense when the cat nears the 90-degree protected area.

The unit then emits a series of strong pulsating ultrasonic waves to repel the cat, training it to stay away. The ultrasonic waves are heard by CATS ONLY, and are INAUDIBLE TO HUMANS. Cats find the sound so uncomfortable that the areas guarded by the CatScram™ Ultrasonic Housetraining Aid are soon avoided altogether!

Why the Smells No-More™ and the No-P™ if the UrineOut™ Powder removes the odors?
When used properly, we completely and unabashedly guarantee UrineOut™ Powder as the best solution to completely remove urine stains and odors. But as you probably know by now, urine is persistent, and animals can smell up to 100,000 times better than humans. So in the event that trace amounts of urine was missed, as an added precaution we recommend using Smells No-More™ Odor Eliminator to encapsulate any lingering “scents” in the area, which will prevent repeat urination. As the final step, use the No-P™ Housebreaking Aid to deter your pet from the areas altogether, discouraging the habit to go there again.
What will my shipping charges be?
You will be able to determine all order charges, including shipping, before your transaction is completed.
How many wrappers are included in the PU Housetraining Wrappers™?
Each PU Housetraining Wrappers™ package comes with 2 belly band Wrappers, allowing you to alternate clean/dry wraps with soiled/wet ones.
Are the PU Housetraining Wrappers™ machine washable?
Yes. The PU Housetraining Wrappers™ are machine washable and reusable over and over again.
I'm getting ready to have my carpets professionally cleaned. Should I use your UrineOut Powder cleaning process first, before I have my carpets cleaned? Or, should I use your products after the cleaning?
Good question. I suggest you FIRST use the UrineOut Powder cleaning process. By using a DRY POWDER cleaning process, this will allow you to REMOVE the old urine (and stains or odors) deep in the carpet, WITHOUT causing the urine to penetrate deeper into your carpet and padding. After you have treated these areas and REMOVED the old urine (and stains or odors), you may THEN have your carpets professionally cleaned by alternative carpet cleaning methods.








Do you want to STOP your pet from PEEING? Discuss your pet problems with an Animal Behavior Specialist!








Do you want to STOP your pet from PEEING? Discuss your pet problems with an Animal Behavior Specialist!